DJ Mineh Ishida

About Mineh Ishida

Mineh Ishida is DJ specializing in west coast swing music operating out of Tampa, Florida. Mineh travels all over the world playing west coast swing and fusion music for dancers.

Mineh Ishida has over 15 years experience as a mobile DJ, and many years as a west coast swing DJ. He has helped WCS events in the role of head DJ, managing and organizing the DJ staff and planning competition music.

His success largely comes from his ability to bridge the gap between generations through his passion for music of all types and all genres. He believes that the wide range of music enjoyed by the west coast swing community is what makes it such a unique and remarkable dance. Additionally, his knowledge of sound equipment and the technical side of DJing allows him to maintain a high level of quality in his work.

Mineh is also a Fusion DJ, operating a monthly dance called Fusion Tampa.

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When not DJing, he is hard at work building his new graphic design, web design and marketing business, doing photography, and dancing west coast swing. You can learn more about Mineh Ishida on his blog.

Events and Clubs he has been invited to play at include:

  • Austrian WCS Spectacle, Vienna, Austria
  • Cleveland Akron Swing and Hustle Club, Cleveland, OH
  • Swustle Swednesday’s w/Doug Rousar Akron, OH
  • Wanna Boogie, Indianapolis, IN
  • PghWCS – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Swing Night @ Cedars, Youngstown, OH
  • Spotlight Dance Celebration, Dayton, OH
  • River City Swing, Jacksonville, FL
  • Tampa Bay West Coast Swing Association, Tampa, FL
  • Floorplay w/Danielle Blouin, Tampa, FL
  • Modern Night, Tampa FL
  • Crossover, Tampa, FL
  • Sweetheart Swing Classic, Panama City, FL
  • Deborah Szekely Workshop & Dance, Tallahassee, FL
  • Michigan Classic, Detroit, MI
  • Miami Dance Magic, Miami, FL
  • O-Jam, Orlando, FL
  • Summer Swing Classic, Clearwater, FL
  • Tampa Bay Classic, Tampa, FL
  • C.A.S.H. Bash, Cleveland, OH
  • Doug Rousar’s Wedding Reception Dance Party, Columbus, OH
  • Christopher Hussey’s West Coast Wednesdays, Largo, FL
  • Orange Blossom Dance Festival, Orlando, FL
  • John and Karen Burns Workshops and Dance, Tallahassee, FL
  • The Big Event, Tampa, FL