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West Coast Swing Music – Tone Damli – 40 Years

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So what do you do when an incredible song for west coast swing is found, but it wasn’t released in the US? Recently a song surfaced in the West coast swing community that moved me. I needed to have this song to play it. But searching for it on Itunes and Amazon yielded nothing. More on that in a bit.

The song in question is “Tone Damli – 40 years” You can hear it here:

This is a beautiful emotional love song. Simple instrumentation starts the song with guitar, piano, and a very clear upbeat “tick.” The song has very pronounced phrasing, and interesting combinations of rhythmic and lyrical sections. There is a subtle build in it but it largely stays pretty laid back. Instrumentally, its a very simple song. Musically, its not that unique, but the simplicity is used to highlight Tone’s beautiful voice, and most importantly, the story of a long relationship.

From a dance standpoint, this song is a great example of why I love west coast swing. It allows such expression of emotion in the dance. You can dance lyrically to it, or keep to simple basics. It offers nice contrast to the groovy blues, or hyped pop music we dance to, lending texture to a playlist at a dance. And besides, dancing to slower love songs is fun. At 108 bpm it fits right in the sweet spot for WCS. There is no swing rhythm in this one, but with a clear delineation between upbeat and downbeat, most dancers should be able to dance and enjoy this song.

Now, how to get the song when it’s not available on Itunes or Amazon…I finally tracked it down to the Swedish Itunes store, but my account is “Not authorized” to buy from the swedish store. So what do you do?

A google search revealed a place where I could buy the CD, but I couldn’t buy a digital file, and it would cost me $18 for the one song. If you’re interested, you can buy it here:

The other option is to go with the Russian Music service Now I would like to state my opinion here very clearly. I do my very best not to purchase music from these russian sites. They are legal in russia based on russian law, but I do not know if they are legal here in the US. I also know for a fact that the artists of the music sold on these sites do not receive royalties. While there will always be a debate about the paltry sums itunes pays artists, the fact is that at least they are paid. Sites like Legalsounds pay the artist nothing. Please do not support these sites for music you can purchase at Itunes or Amazon.

That said.. In this case, it may be the only option at this time to purchase this track digitally for people in the US. I however, as a DJ will be buying the import CD and ripping my own copy for use in the booth. I encourage anyone doing this professionally to do the same.

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DJ Mineh Ishida is a west coast swing DJ living in Tampa, FL.  He founded in 2012 and is passionate about contributing to the West Coast Swing community through DJing and his work with this website.  You can Find more information about DJ Mineh on the About Page.  For booking Inquiries, please use this Contact Form.