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West Coast Swing Music – Anthony Hamilton

Photo: dusk-photography - Creative Commons

Every now and then I will be posting west coast swing music that I really enjoy, both musically and to dance to.  Some of these will be brand new songs, and some will be old favorites.   I hope you find them just as great as i do to dance to!

The song “Mad” off of Anthony Hamiltons recent Album “Back to Love” is a fantastic piece of music to dance west coast swing to.  The heavy beat kicks off right away with a nice clap on the upbeat.  His voice comes in with good phrasing and a solid build.  There is a bluesy tone to this song embodied by the harmonica in the background.  His vocal phrases are short and accented, and answered by the harmonica.  The song starts very simply, and little by little it builds in energy.  There is plenty to play with on the dance floor for the advanced dancers, and the 96 BPM beat is easy to find for the beginners.       And of course, the song sounds… well… Mad.

On the Same album is his song “Woo,” which has a decidedly different feel, but is just as good for west coast swing.  Here is his more traditional R&B sound.  Very melodic and solid phrasing.  This song carries strong disco elements in the background, with typical instrumentation from the time period.  it offers an easy song to dance to that has an easy going and familiar sound to those who enjoyed music in the late seventies and early eighties, while still being accessible to lovers of contemporary music of the Ne-Yo and Usher variety.    At an accessible 97 BPM, this song is great for beginners and advanced dancers both.

You can find both songs on Amazon MP3. If you enjoyed this review, please purchase the songs from the links provided below.


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